Sports Arena/Entertainment Venue Security

The threats facing areas of public assembly seem to increase constantly. Working in conjunction with our business partners at PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP (PwC), we use a total protection concept in evaluating the threats to high profile venues such as sports stadia and concert halls. By offering clients a menu from which to choose, we can review every identifiable risk, ranging from technology issues, physical protection, security architecture, and benchmarking with other major arenas. Our work has taken us into several of America’s most iconic arenas.

Our Focus

  • Survey the facility to understand its vulnerability to various threats based on its physical location and its possible iconic status
  • Understand any security requirements imposed by a league, conference or a regulatory body
  • Perform overall Physical Security assessment to assess how visitors, service people and vendors are admitted to the facility
  • Test and evaluate existing security technology, such as closed circuit television, interior alarms and operation of the security control room
  • Review the security organization regarding how members are recruited, vetted, trained, deployed, compensated and evaluated
  • Benchmark against security best practices at other venues
  • Evaluate the Incident Response Plan
  • Assess network security with respect to credit card payments, signage and cameras
  • Determine the maturity level of external threat intelligence and the relationship with law enforcement agencies
  • Scrutinize any other issues or areas at the direction of the client