A sound protection plan depends on an effective and professional security department for its execution. However, many organizations are not certain how effective their security departments are and, typically as a part of a larger security evaluation, need experts to advise if they are getting fair value for security department expenditures. Our Associates collectively have many decades of experience as corporate security practitioners covering a wide range of industries which allows us to apply industry standards and recognized best practices to examine how security personnel are:

  •  Selected
  •  Vetted – What background checks are performed before hiring?
  •  Trained
  •  Compensated
  •  Deployed – Is staffing appropriate and are security personnel placed correctly to counter identified threats
  •  Led – Do security managers have appropriate business acumen and leadership skills?
  •  Measured – Are appropriate metrics applied to measure performance?

We also review existing security policies, processes and procedures to determine if all identifiable and foreseeable risks to the organization are being appropriately addressed.