Hotel/Resort Security Evaluations

Protecting guests, employees, information, and other assets is a priority for Hospitality Management world-wide. Working with our colleagues at Resort Security International, led by Richard Hudak, a recognized expert in the field of hotel/resort security and premises liability, we have assessed the effectiveness of the security operations at several high profile resorts in the US and the Caribbean.

Our Focus

  • Perform an analysis of the threats likely to impact the location
  • Determine crime trends in the area
  • Assess the current state of the existing plans to eliminate or to mitigate the threats
  • Determine a desired future state of the security operation, based on our knowledge of international standards and best practices
  • Produce a gap analysis showing needed improvements and a roadmap to assist the client reach the desired state by prioritizing initiatives
  • Evaluate how the Security Department personnel are selected, vetted, trained, deployed, compensated and led.