Crisis Management/Emergency Response/Business Continuity Planning

Is your organization prepared for a major disruption to business operations? Do you have a plan to guide the organization should a terrorist attack, a serious weather event, or a pandemic strike? Studies have shown that a comprehensive plan, exercised periodically, is the key to quickly resuming business operations with a minimum loss of revenue, and for publicly held companies, leads to a quicker and stronger rebound in stock price. 

follow Our Focus

  • Learn about the threats likely to impact the organization, based on the client’s industry/government sector, physical location and public profile
  • Create an individualized Crisis Management/Emergency Response/Business Continuity Plan based on the three internationally recognized standards adopted by the U.S. and other governments
  • Test the Plan, if the client desires, by conducting table top exercises
  • Assist businesses and other organizations prepare for the Voluntary Certification Program (the so-called PS-Prep Program) now encouraged by U.S. Federal Law
  • Design Training and Awareness Programs to help imbed the concept of resilience into the organization’s culture